Electronic Rate Board

For over ten years Adwel Art has provided electronic display boards to distributed enterprises such as banks, forex, travel agencies, hotels and other retail outlets, specialising in the design and manufacture of customised products to fit the display environment and corporate branding.

Adwel Art uses state-of-the-art LED technology to produce quality products. All our boards are light-sensitive - adjusting themselves to the ambient light, resulting in display boards that can be read even in the brightest sunlight or on the darkest evening.

Our solution is a full-service offering. We provide maintenance and helpdesk support with every board we sell. You can have confidence the experts who designed and manufactured your display board will also ensure it is always in perfect running order.

As we continually seek to create new and innovative display boards we welcome the opportunity to assess any new ideas you may have. For options on how to contact us please view our contact us page.

Our electronic exchange rate boards are designed to enhance the corporate image of the organisation they are supplied to. View our gallery to see what lengths we go to in order to provide Rate Boards that build on the decor already on the premises.

All Rate Boards are designed to be read with direct sunlight shinning on them. No more customers cupping their hands on the window trying to read dim displays.

Adwel Art offer a number of technologies for updating the information on the Rate Board displays. While Infra-Red remote controls are available far more sophisticated systems are usually.

Custom Solution
As well as custom enclosures to enhance corporate imagery, the exact nature of what is displayed can be built to specification. Adwel Art Rate Boards are not limited to what is available "off the shelf".

• Country or title strips are high quality magnetic labels in matching or contrasting colours. Long life, non fade and easily changed.
• Long life - left on continually for 11.4 years the brightness dims to 50% of the original, but the display carries on. Better than any other display technology. LED's run at below makers recommended levels for extended life.
• Reliable with no moving parts or maintenance needed. No noise and minimal heat generated.
• Strong case has completely flat front, slim 45-55mm depth.
• On board memory, self diagnostic mode, high quality switch mode power supply.
• Standard range covers 1,2 3 or 4 columns and multiples of 5 or 6 rows. Specials can be easily produced.
• Character Height 0.8” or 0.5” red LED of high efficiency.
• The time & exchange rates can be updated through the computer.
• Optional infra red remote controller.